Department Labs

Department Labs

Department of Electronics Engineering

Department Lab Advisor Contact
Electronics Engineering Advanced Sensor and Energy Research Lab Jae-young Park 02-942-2990
Electronics Engineering Communication Signal Processing Lab Ho-chong Park 02-940-5104
Electronics Engineering Photonics Research Lab Sang-shin Lee 02-940-5581
Electronics Engineering VLSI Circuit Design Lab Hanul Jeong 02-940-5149
Electronics Engineering Biomedical Ultrasound Sensor Lab Jung-woo Lee 02-940-5393
Electronics Engineering Digital Media Lab(DIMA) Ji-sang Yoo 02-940-5112
Electronics Engineering Multimedia Lab Seung-Jun Oh 02-940-5102
Electronics Engineering RFCAS Lab (RF Circuit and System) Yun-seong Eo 02-940-5478
Electronics Engineering Optical Network and System Lab Jae-seung Lee 02-940-5115
Electronics Engineering Advanced Quantum-Nano Materials & Optoelectronics Laboratory(AQNMOL) Ji-hoon Lee 02-940-5297
Electronics Engineering RFIC Lab Nam-young Kim 02-940-5071
Electronics Engineering iRader Lab Jeong-geun Kim 02-940-5437
Electronics Engineering COIN Lab Seong-ho Chae 02-940-5192
Electronics Engineering AWST Lab Young-ok Kim 02-940-5404
Electronics Engineering Smart Home Network Lab Seong-hyeon Yang 02-940-5751
Electronics Engineering CMOS Analog/mixed Circuit Design Lab Tae-hyeon Oh 02-940-8670
Electronics Engineering Quantum & Nano Display Laboratory Hyeon-ho Lee 02-940-8126

Department of Electronics Communications Engineering

Department Lab Advisor Contact
Electronics Communications Engineering Image Processing Lab Hyeong-hwa Ko 02-940-5137
Electronics Communications Engineering Computer Communication Lab Kwang-sue Chung 02-940-5134
Electronics Communications Engineering Optical Communication Lab Yeong-cheoul Jung 02-940-5138
Electronics Communications Engineering Real-time Structure Lab Yong-jin Jeong 02-940-5551
Electronics Communications Engineering Communication Protocol Lab Sang-won Min 02-940-5552
Electronics Communications Engineering Mobile Network Lab Hwa-sung Kim 02-940-5442
Electronics Communications Engineering Integrated Device and Circuit Lab Chan-hyeong Park 02-940-5133
Electronics Communications Engineering Real-time Signal Processing Lab Hyeok-jun Oh 02-940-5132
Electronics Communications Engineering Communication Technology Lab Su-won Park 02-940-5139
Electronics Communications Engineering Memory Design Lab In-young Chung 02-940-5255
Electronics Communications Engineering Smart Systems Lab Chae-bong Sohn 02-940-5767
Electronics Communications Engineering Electromagnetic Wave System Lab Eak-hwan Song 02-940-5513
Electronics Communications Engineering Neuroengineering and Artificial Intelligence Lab Young-seok Choi 02-940-5186
Electronics Communications Engineering Computer Vision Lab Ju-yong Chang 02-940-5136
Electronics Communications Engineering Next Generation Integrated Circuit and System Design Lab Ju-hyeong Chae 02-940-8457

Department of Electrical Engineering

Department Lab Advisor Contact
Electrical Engineering Power Electronics Lab Seung-ki Jeong
Joo-yeop Choi
Seung-ho Song
Electrical Engineering Electrical Application Lab Jin-woong Hong
Electrical Engineering Power Systems Lab Heung-jae Lee 02-940-5147
Electrical Engineering Smart Signal Processing Lab Chang-bum Ahn 02-940-5148
Electrical Engineering Intelligent Control Lab Kun-young Lee 02-940-5142
Electrical Engineering Power Systems Economics Lab. Don Hur 02-940-5473
Electrical Engineering System Engineering Lab Hyung-suk Kim 02-940-8373
Electrical Engineering BSL : Bioelectronics & Sensor Lab Jeong-hoon Lee 02-940-8372
Electrical Engineering Nature-Inspired Intelligence Laboratory (NI²L) Ki-baek Lee 02-940-8375
Electrical Engineering Flexible Electronic Devices Laboratory Tae-hoon Lee 02-940-5204
Electrical Engineering Electric Power & Energy Lab Min-han Yoon 02-940-5108

Department of Electronic Materials Engineering

Department Lab Advisor Contact
Electronic Materials Engineering Digital Design & Test Dong-wook Kim 02-940-5167
Electronic Materials Engineering Eco Energy Materials Lab Jae-geun Hah 02-940-5168
Electronic Materials Engineering Semiconductor Advanced Technology Won-ju Cho 02-940-5163
Electronic Materials Engineering Semiconductor- and Nano-Devices Laboratory Sang-mo Koo 02-940-5763
Electronic Materials Engineering Organic Optoelectronics In-chan Hwang 02-940-8675
Electronic Materials Engineering AMDEL(Advanced Materials and Device Engineering Laboratory) Tae-jun Ha 02-940-8678
Electronic Materials Engineering Intelligent Computing Lab Young-ho Seo 02-940-8362
Electronic Materials Engineering Nano-material and Electronic Device Laboratory (NED) Jong-min Oh 02-940-5219
Electronic Materials Engineering ASDL(Advanced Semiconductor Device Laboratory) Dae-seok Lee 02-940-5165

Department of Computer Engineering

Department Lab Advisor Contact
Computer Engineering DSSP(Digital System for Signal Processing Lab) Jin-heung Kong
Computer Engineering Mobile Computing Lab Hyuk-joon Lee 02-940-5127
Computer Engineering Wireless Network Lab Hyeong-geun Lee
Computer Engineering Media Processor Lab Seong-won Lee 02-940-5471
Computer Engineering Image Processing Systems Lab Dong-gyu Sim 02-941-6470
Computer Engineering System Software Lab Tae-seok Kim 070-4141-2021
Computer Engineering Embedded System Architecture Lab Joon-hwan Yi
Computer Engineering Information and Communication Technology Lab Ho-young Hwang 02-940-8265
Computer Engineering Data Science Lab Ki-hoon Lee 02-940-8674
Computer Engineering Bio-Computing and Machine Learning Lab (BCML) Cheol-soo Park 02-940-8251
Computer Engineering Memory-centric Accelerated Computing Lab (MAC Lab) Young-ho Gong
Computer Engineering Biomedical Signal & AI Lab Sang-ho Choi 02-940-8450

Department of Chemical Engineering

Department Lab Advisor Contact
Chemical Engineering Process System Lab Jae-wook Ko 02-940-5174
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Lab Joong-so Choi 02-940-5176
Chemical Engineering Polymer Materials Lab Dae-heum Kim 02-940-5177
Chemical Engineering Transport Phenomena Lab. Do-young Yoon 02-940-5178
Chemical Engineering Biochemical Engineering Lab Chul-hwan Park 02-940-5173
Chemical Engineering Environmental Friendly Nanomaterials Lab. Young-hun Kim 02-940-5768
Chemical Engineering Energy Materials & Device Lab She-kyu Park 02-940-8676
Chemical Engineering Advanced Functional Materials Lab Hie-sang Sohn 02-940-5772
Chemical Engineering Biomedical Engineering Lab Taek Lee 02-940-5771
Chemical Engineering Process Control & Optimization Lab Yeon-su Kim

Department of Robotics

Department Lab Advisor Contact
Robotics Magnetic robotics Lab Jae-gwang Nam 02-940-5365
Robotics Robot Vision & Intelligence Lab Moon-ho Chung 02-940-5625
Robotics System Design Lab Ill-woo Park 02-940-5156
Robotics Control and Dynamic systems Lab Ju-hoon Back 02-940-8387
Robotics Robot Media Lab Kwang-hyun Park 02-940-5153
Robotics Ubiquitous Network Lab Yong-hoon Choi 02-940-5590
Robotics Control Systems Lab Ik Choi 02-940-5157
Robotics Mechatronics Lab Hwang Cho 02-940-5155
Robotics BICAR Lab Woo-sung Yang 02-940-8115
Robotics Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Lab Jeong-hyeon Oh 02-940-8092

Department of Architectural Engineering

Department Lab Advisor Contact
Architectural Engineering Architectural Structure Lab Waon-ho Yi 02-940-5195
Architectural Engineering Project and Construction Management Lab Chang-duk Kim 02-940-5194
Architectural Engineering Architectural Equipment System Lab Chang-ho Choi 02-940-5566
Architectural Engineering Construction Systems Engineering Lab Jung-ho Yu 02-940-5564
Architectural Engineering Architectural Structure System Lab Jae-yo Kim 02-940-5637
Architectural Engineering Architectural Structural Safety Lab Won-jik Yang 02-940-5611

Department of Electronic Convergence Engineering

Department Lab Advisor Contact
Electronic Convergence Engineering Digital Convergence Lab (DCL Lab.) Hun-gi Yang 02-940-5187
Electronic Convergence Engineering Smart Radio System Lab Jong-heon Kim 02-940-5197
Electronic Convergence Engineering Wireless Integrated Circuits System Lab (WICS Lab) Jong-cheol Lee 02-940-5203
Electronic Convergence Engineering Highpower Microwave Engineering Lab Jin-ju Choi 02-940-5298
Electronic Convergence Engineering Antenna System Lab Byeong-je Lee 02-940-5299
Electronic Convergence Engineering Intellignet Networking Lab Seung-hyung Lee 02-940-5441
Electronic Convergence Engineering Communications and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CAI Lab) Jin-young Kim 02-940-5567
Electronic Convergence Engineering Applied Electromagnetics Lab Myeon-ju Park 02-940-5188
Electronic Convergence Engineering High-Speed Integrated Circuits and Systems Lab Hyeon-cheol Shin 02-940-5553
Electronic Convergence Engineering Radar Application Lab Yong-shik Jeong 02-940-5184
Electronic Convergence Engineering Intelligent Multimedia Signal Processing Lab Hyeong-guk Kim 02-940-5574
Electronic Convergence Engineering Mixed-signal System Design Lab Han-sang Yim 02-940-5587
Electronic Convergence Engineering Bio-IT Convergence Lab Jun-seob Shim 02-940-8671
Electronic Convergence Engineering Wireless, Soft Electronics Lab (Wise Lab) Jeong-hyeon Kim 02-940-5554

Department of Computer Science

Department Lab Advisor Contact
Computer Science Visual Computing Lab Yun-gu Lee 02-940-8112
Computer Science Interactive Media Lab Gang-hun Lee
Computer Science Computer Communication Lab Dong-ho Lee 02-940-5216
Computer Science Optimization & Knowledge Engineering Lab Yong-hyeok Kim 02-940-5212
Computer Science Network System Ung-cheol Choi 02-940-5582
Computer Science Distributed Object Computing Yeong-geun Choi 02-940-5215
Computer Science Graphics Min-gyu Choi 02-940-5472
Computer Science Operating System Woo-hyun Ahn 02-940-5760
Computer Science Artificial Intelligence Lab Byung-joon Park 02-940-5211

Department of Architecture

Department Lab Advisor Contact
Architecture Health and Environment Research Lab Chul-gyun Chae 02-940-5557
Architecture Urban Architecture Design Lab (TYPS Lab) Yeol Park 02-940-8677
Architecture Architectural History Theory Lab Sung-yong Cho 02-940-5474
Architecture Architectural Design Research Lab Jin-mo Kim 02-940-5648

Department of Artificial Intelligence Applications

Department Lab Advisor Contact
Artificial Intelligence Applications Spatio-temporal Data Analysis Lab Jae-hee Cho 02-940-5433
Artificial Intelligence Applications Intelligent Data Network AI Lab (I-DNA) Jae-seong Park 02-940-8124
Artificial Intelligence Applications Big Data Computing Lab (Big Com) Dong-hyeok Yim 02-940-5766
Artificial Intelligence Applications Intelligent Accessibility Experience Lab (IAE Lab) Hyeon-kyung Kim 02-940-8143
Artificial Intelligence Applications AI as a Service (AIaaS) Sang-min Lee 02-940-5764
Artificial Intelligence Applications Human-Centered Computing Lab Gyu-dong Park 02-940-5638
Artificial Intelligence Applications Visual Informatics Lab Dong-jun Kim 02-940-8461
Artificial Intelligence Applications Process-Aware Data Analytics Lab Min-su Cho 02-940-8454

Department of Environmental Engineering

Department Lab Advisor Contact
Environmental Engineering Environmental Restoration Lab Sang-il Choi 02-940-5183
Environmental Engineering Water Environment Lab Young-soo Lee 02-940-5103
Environmental Engineering Water Resources Lab Seon-hong Kang 02-940-5075
Environmental Engineering Eco Clean Lab Yoon-Young Chang 02-940-5496
Environmental Engineering Air Pollution Control and Energy Lab Kyeong-sun Yu 02-940-5497
Environmental Engineering Environmental Nano Technology Lab Min Jang 02-940-5125
Environmental Engineering Environmental Behavior Control Lab Jae-gyu Yang 02-940-5769
Environmental Engineering Nano-Environmental Chemistry Lab Koduru Janardhan Reddy 02-940-8101

Department of Electrical & Biological Physics

Department Lab Advisor Contact
Electrical & Biological Physics/Plasma-Bio Display Plasma Bioscience Research Center Eun-ha Choi 02-940-5662
Electrical & Biological Physics Semiconductor and Applied Plasma Equipment Lab Gi-chung Kwon 02-940-5479
Electrical & Biological Physics Printed Electronics Lab Byung-ju Park 02-940-5231

Department of Chemistry

Department Lab Advisor Contact
Chemistry Organic Synthesis and Catalysis Lab Yun-mi Lee 02-940-8116
Chemistry Materials and Electrochemistry Lab Young-jin Sa 02-940-5409
Chemistry Organic Synthesis and Organic Material Lab Heung-bae Jeon 02-940-5583
Chemistry Electrochemistry Lab Yang-rae Kim
Chemistry Nano-bio-optics Lab Hong-je Jang
Chemistry Medical Sensor∙biomaterial Research Lab Jae-ho Shin 02-940-5246
Chemistry Polymer Research Lab In-tae Kim

Department of Business Administration

Department Lab Advisor Contact
Business Administration Marketing Lab Yong-soo Ha
Business Administration Human Resources/Organization/Strategy Lab Suk-jun Lee
Business Administration Management Psychology and Production Management Lab Seok-jae Jeong
Business Administration Accounting and Finance Lab Sung-hwan Kim

Department of Plasma-Bio Display

Department Lab Advisor Contact
Plasma-Bio Display Plasma Bioscience Research Center Eun-ha Choi 02-940-5236
Plasma-Bio Display D3D Lab Seung-hyeon Lee 02-940-5290
Plasma-Bio Display Image Processing Lab Sang-hun Lee 02-940-5287
Plasma-Bio Display Electronic Equipment & components LAB Chung-hyeok Kim 02-940-5291
Plasma-Bio Display Plasma Bioscience Research Center Nagendra 02-940-8618
Plasma-Bio Display Plasma Bioscience Research Center Kyung-sun Park 02-940-8324
Plasma-Bio Display Spatial Computing Lab Sun-cheol Kwon 02-940-8637
Plasma-Bio Display ITCT Lab Gwang-cheol Sohn 02-940-8100